Don’t Set Goals. Goals Don’t Breed Success.

Don’t Set Goals. Goals Don’t Breed Success.

Yes you read that right, you don’t always need goals to be successful. Lots of success books talk about how they the author had a clear goal; nothing got in their way, they aimed at the goal target and hit…hit it hard!

Goals are great, but unsuccessful people don’t often right books on success. There are many people I have met who had a clear goal but didn’t succeed even when they put their all into it. Some people I know had clear targets and never achieved them.

Setting goals has many benefits. When you focus on something your mind picks out, often unconsciously things related to that goal. As you overhear someone talking you see how that idea can relate or support your goal – these are sometime the light bulb moment’s people talk about.

It’s like the time you brought your first car. Before, you never took notice of the millions of cars that pass you by. But once you brought your mini cooper, all you notice, is all the other mini coppers driving past you.

Time bound goals are beneficial to, as they give your goals a structure; you will complete goal A by X time. This makes you work harder as you nearer the deadline. For some this is a great motivator for others though this can be stressful, leading to mistakes being made.

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The Opportunity of Options.

For me life is full of options. As a coach I give my clients more options. Instead of living life one way, unconsciously completing the routines of life, I teach clients how they can, if they want, live life differently. The more options and choices you have, the better.

You can model others peoples way of living to give yourself more options. You can take a look at your own life from a different perspective, giving you more options. You can reframe past events give you new ways of living. If you feel stuck in a rut, options can be the key to opening your door.

Grabbing The Opportunity.

One key thing I have noticed with people who are successful is that they take offered opportunities. Opportunities come and go quickly; you don’t grab them you will miss out. Many people over analyst the opportunity, either talking themselves out of it or missing out due to the duration of their thought process.

In the coaching sector, you may be offered the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences to fellow coaches. Public speaking is a big fear for most, you may find excuses so you can’t make the event. People who grab opportunities often benefit.  If the speech doesn’t produce any outcomes, then you have increased your knowledge and experience. But often a presentation can lead to more paid work, new professionals to network with and new opportunities.

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Success is Just An Experience.

I don’t really know what success is. Every time I achieve a goal or take advantage of an opportunity I still drive for improvement and new options. Once I delivered my first presentation, I want to speak in front of bigger crowds. Once I spoke in front of large audiences, I wanted to win speaking competitions. Once I won a speaking contest, I wanted to get paid for public speaking.

Each experience gives me more confidence to move forward. Confidence plays a big part. I’m happy to make mistakes, I’m happy to learn from disasters. But each opportunity empowers me to improve.

My goals aren’t stuck. I may set myself a target, but on the journey, new opportunities may appear. I look at all my options and if needed take a new path. Life isn’t A-B, a straight path, a start and a finish. Life goes up and down, backwards and forwards, circling in and out. Around each bend could lay a new opportunity, everyday you have new options and choices. Life is about finding something you love and doing it more. Life is about turning anxiety into excitement, fear into fun and mistakes into masterpieces.

Enjoying the Journey

Achieving a set goal feels great. All the hard work has paid off. But most people miss the trick, success comes from the people who enjoy the journey. When I set a goal to be a paid public speaker, I didn’t hate joining speaking grows, I never resented the presentations I delivered for free. Reading public speaking books, watching YouTube channels of great speakers and asking people I felt were great delivers questions, wasn’t a bore. I loved every step. I enjoyed the journey I took and the learning I gained. Even the mistakes I made were fun, because each time I developed.

Goals don’t breed success. Success comes from the journey, the distance learnt, the fun you have on your path. If you want to be a millionaire, to lose 6 pounds or to be a great public speaker, then you have to enjoy each milestone towards your goal, enjoy learning from mistakes and enjoy the journey. This is the motivation that will make you a success.

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events

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